The Bahamas: Discover An Island Paradise

With more than 500 miles of the world’s clearest, turquoise water, this 100,000 mile stretch of 700 petite islands in the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most scenic and secluded vacation spots around. It’s uninhabited, pristine beaches are ideal grounds for scuba and deep-sea diving, world-class sport fishing, kayaking and snorkeling by day and extravagant island dining and dancing by night. Its warm tropical climate ranges from 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Fly or sail in; the Bahama Islands are just a few miles south of the Florida coast, making it a short and comfortable voyage. Each island is unique, offering its own history and culture. When visiting the Bahamas, be sure to set aside time to visit some of its most renowned attractions – from Cartwright’s Cave to the Barrier Reef and Tongue of the Ocean, the world’s largest underwater coral reef located just off Andros Island. Other attractions include:

* The Hope Town Lighthouse
* The Lost City of Atlantis
* Eleuthera/Harbor Island’s Haunted House
* Exuma Clays Land and Sea Park
* Cat Island’s The Hermitage, Mount Alvernia
* Lucayan National Park’s Kayak Nature and Cave Tour

Golfing fans love the Bahamas, where you’ll find championship greens and fairways amidst pleasant breezes and idyllic weather conditions. Tee up for a scenic day on palm tree-lined courses on The Abacos, The Exumas, Grand Bahama and Nassau/Paradise Islands.

While on the Islands, it’s easy to not only tour the local sights, but also hop Island-to-Island. Guided tours, Jitneys or buses, scooter and bicycle rentals, mailboats, ferries, private boats and charter air accommodations are all within reach.

Birthplace to Sidney Poitier and Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach, the Bahamas are home to a small group of English-speaking, Christian natives with a tight-knit population just under 300,000. Natives are largely of West African heritage and dominantly reside on the New Providence and Grand Bahama Islands.

Everyone should experience the tranquility of island life, if only for a few days. Discover the Bahamas. To learn more about cruise packages, liners, destinations and seasonal travel deals such as a Bahamas vacation package, visit see “Travel” today.

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