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When it comes to vacation destinations that are all about having fun in the sun, nothing beats the Caribbean. Situated just to the south and east of Mexico and north and west of Venezuela, South America where the waters are clear and the sun is hot, a Caribbean travel vacation has something for everyone - whether you are one for water sports, hiking, swimming, diving, and just plain frolicking in its white sand beaches.

But traveling to a hot destination like the Caribbean can be quite expensive, and for this reason, many people balk at the idea of a Caribbean travel. Indeed, why spend so much on a single vacation when you could visit much cheaper vacation destinations? Never mind if these places don’t even come close to what a Caribbean travel entails.

Ah, but what if we told you that there’s a much better way to spend a vacation? What if we told you that you can go on a Caribbean travel vacation without having to spend a lot of your hard-earned money?

A Caribbean travel for less! Now, there’s a thought.

Below are four chic hotels where you can keep the island flavor high and the prices at a bare minimum while on a Caribbean travel vacation:

Flash and Glamour - Anguilla

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The most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, Anguilla is an island known for the flash and glamour of many of its resorts. For this reason, the island is a popular Caribbean travel destination for many visitors who want to bask in the compelling charm, romance, and excitement that the islands are known for.

Rendezvous Bay Hotel & Villas may not have all that flash and glamour, but it lacks in that department, the hotel makes up for its location and fantastic rates (starts at $130 while villa costs $275). This Caribbean travel resort hotel offers 46 rooms, all sitting directly on 50 palm-laden acres of fronting a 1 ½ mile long sugary sand beach. The resort has been recently renovated, offering white tile floors and simple rattan furnishings, and is divided among a dozen low-rise buildings.

Another worthy hotel group is Ku, its name meaning “sacred place” in the Arawak Indian language. With room rates starting at $295, this 27-suite hotel overlooks Shoal Bay East and are South Beach-chic, with minimalist white décor, air conditioning, and full kitchens.

Honeymoon Favorite – Antigua

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Located just south of another popular Caribbean travel destination of Barbuda, Antigua markets itself as a luxury Caribbean travel escape. Its many hotels and resorts located around the coastline are all favorites when it comes to honeymooning while on a Caribbean travel.

While you don’t have to be on your honeymoon to enjoy Antigua’s island charm, the Cocobay Resort’s location on a hillside facing the Caribbean Sea makes for a very romantic atmosphere. The idyllic hotel is made of 47 Creole-style cottages in soft pastel hues with rates that are very affordable at $240.

Hybrid Beat – Bahamas

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If you want a decidedly patrician vibe during your Caribbean travel vacation, then the Landing, a seven-room inn on Harbour Island is exactly for you. There are no televisions, no phones, or Internet connections – things that distract you from the sheer beauty of the beach a few blocks away. And for only $240, you can get one of the bay-view rooms, which offer the best views of the harbor and comes with crisp white linens, terraces, and four-poster beds.


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Map Of The Caribbean Islands

Cruising the Caribbean sea and islands can afford you the unpredictable chance to discover small, uninhabited islands where you can spend a lazy day, just for sun bathing and doing much more lazy things. Cruising the blue waters of the Caribbean can lead you to many exciting destinations such as St Marten, Barbados, Grenada, St.Vincent, The Grenadines, St. Lucia and Martinique, Jamaica, and of course, Nassau, the Bahamas.
The Caribbean islands that are encountered during a Caribbean cruise offer the traveler many options for fun, including visiting museums, scuba diving, snorkeling, hang gliding, ocean swimming and guided rain forest walks, just to mention a few. First thing to remember is that always bring your own map of the Caribbean Islands, for you can easily messed up with the name of the islands you are at, or you could keep the site memorable while you know exactly the place you've visited. Happy Cruising!

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Cruises to the Caribbean – The Perfect Option for your Holidays

caribbean cruiseThanks to its magnificent landscapes and amazing beaches, the Caribbean has rapidly become one of the most desired holiday destinations in the world. The hundreds of fabulous tropical Caribbean islands welcome millions of tourists each year, drawn by the beauty of their exotic landscapes, the importance and the variety of their tourist resorts, the impeccable accommodation conditions and the quality of the overall offered services, as well as the open-minded, libertine and welcoming character of the locals.

For people in search of peace, quiet and relaxation, the Caribbean is the perfect place to spend their holidays, this exotic region being regarded as �a corner of heaven� by both locals and visiting tourists. Calm and invigorating during the day, the Caribbean isles become vivid and vibrant at night, being the best destination for people in search for fun and excitement just as well. Regardless of age or sex, people who travel to this splendid destination experience the best time of their lives, finding it very difficult to leave behind the Caribbean paradise!

If you decide to spend your vacation in the Caribbean, don�t miss the opportunity to visit the region of the Bahamas, a major center for tourism, popular for the exotic beauty of its landscapes, shores and beach resorts. The islands of Grand Bahama, Abaco and New Providence offer tourists the opportunity to visit a wide range of attractions and tourist sites, combining beautiful, wild, tropical landscapes with sumptuous and imposing, modern architecture and infrastructure. The unique, intriguing contrast between exotic landscapes that seem to be untouched by man and modern architectonic colossi, breathtaking skyscrapers and state of the art technology renders the Bahamas the perfect holiday destination for tourists in search for adventure and excitement.

To get the most out of your holiday, you can opt for an extended set of cruises in the vicinity of the Caribbean region. If you decide to cruise to the Caribbean, you will be rewarded with a magnificent, unforgettable experience! Thanks to the wide range of benefits they offer, Caribbean cruises, especially Bahamas cruises are much desired and appreciated by tourists from all over the world. An invigorating Caribbean cruise can help you escape from the routine and the stress of your daily life, accounting for a complete package of impeccable services and amenities and combining the pleasure of traveling with high comfort conditions and safety. In order to make sure that you benefit from the best travel conditions and services, you should choose a solid travel company that can satisfy your needs and requirements with professionalism, in exchange for competitive and affordable prices.

Good travel companies provide clients with a wide range of cruise packages, allowing tourists to effortlessly choose among the best journey options available. By relying on the services provided by a competitive travel agency, you will be able to fully customize your vacation cruise according to your needs and your overall holiday budget. Whether you are looking for cheap cruises or luxury cruises, a good travel agency will provide you with the best holiday offers, striving to accommodate you as well as possible and help you have a great time over the entire course of the journey.

Ask for the services of a reliable travel company and you will receive guidance and advice in choosing from an extended cruise package that includes Carnival cruises, Princess cruises, Windstar cruises, Royal cruises, Celebrity cruises and many more. Each cruise option provides customers with professional, reliable services that are focused towards ensuring a good level of accommodation and comfort, transforming the journey into a remarkable, unforgettable experience! Find the cruise package that suits you best, cruise to the Caribbean, and you will have the best vacation ever!

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