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Of all the great vacations I have been on in my life, none have compared to the Caribbean cruise I got to enjoy with my parents, siblings, husband and children just a few years ago. I'll admit that I wasn't too excited about the idea of going on a Caribbean cruise when my parents first bought all of us tickets for Christmas that year. The idea of being confined on a huge boat for ten days just didn't excite me. I naively expected to be seasick and board for the entire trip and find myself wishing I were anywhere but on that Caribbean cruise.

Fortunately, my preconceptions were totally wrong. While it did take a few hours to get used to the constant motion of the boat, I no one actually got seasick during the entire trip. And I was the furthest from bored that I have perhaps ever been. The Caribbean cruise was filled with more activities than a person or family could enjoy during the ten days. Each person in our party of nineteen people was more than satisfied with the activites and options for enjoying the Caribbean cruise.

One of the greatest things about the Caribbean cruise was that it offered activites, foods and entertainment for literally all ages of guests. My elementary school aged children loved it just as much as my parents who were in their late sixties. The children enjoyed the many swimming pools and organized activities that happened throughout each day. The Caribbean cruise offered miniature golf, sports competitions of all kinds, art classes, and great kids movies at night. For the adults, the Caribbean cruise offered a workout center, many fitness classes, dancing lessons of all kinds, gambling and live entertainment in the evenings.

My fears of being trapped on the boat for ten days straight were relieved each of the four times our Caribbean cruise ported at a different island or beach in the Caribbean. We were able to get off the ship each day and enjoy a full day of exploring the area or doing fun activities like snorkeling or scuba diving in the ocean near where we ported. Of course, there was always the option of staying on the ship during these port days as well. I was simply amazed at the variety that the Caribbean cruise offered. I felt like a family could return on a Caribbean cruise several times before enjoying everything that was made available to them.

A final thing that blew my mind about our Caribbean cruise was the service we received. Our rooms were kept immaculately and we were served the most amazing food I have ever eaten. We were well taken care of from morning to night.

I'd encourage almost anyone I know to enjoy a Caribbean cruise for their next vacation. It was one of the most surprising and fulfilling trips I have ever taken.


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