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Did you know that Saint Martin is the smallest island in the world that has been divided between two sovereign states? This island has been split between the French and the Dutch, and the two cultures co-exist peacefully in their 350-year existence. With a total area of 37 square miles, St. Martin (French) or St. Marten (Dutch) has just over 35,000 inhabitants on each side of the island, while it has served as a haven for tourists since many years. The French capital is called Marigot, while it’s Dutch counterpart is Philipsburg.

Attractions and Activities

With 37 beaches and many secluded areas and coves, St. Martin is a beach goer’s paradise. The St. Martin real estate is much in demand due to the beauty surrounding this island. The tourists enjoy various kinds of water sports that include jet skiing to get a real thrill, scuba diving in to the deep waters of the Caribbean Sea which is so rich with aquatic life, windsurfing in wide open seas, sailing the peaceful waters while soaking in the sights, and snorkeling to explore the numerous treasures of a beautiful marine ecosystem.

The tropical climate and vivid landscapes of St. Martin make it perfect for many recreational activities and sports as well. This is another reason why St. Martin real estate is so sought after now a days. You can enjoy horseback riding through well-manicured lawns, or explore the abundance of flora and fauna on a nature walk, or play golf at the exclusive and luxurious resorts that are equipped with all modern amenities for your comfort. Since, the island is fairly small a bike trip to cover the island’s many virgin areas makes for an exhilarating experience.

Both sides of the islands have an excellent nightlife. Casinos in St. Marten, and nightclubs, bars, pubs, and dance bars make for a thoroughly enjoyable time in this gorgeous Caribbean Island.

Stunning St. Martin

The French part of St. Martin is quite different from the Dutch side. The St. Martin real estate is the finest real estate in the entire Caribbean that make for highly profitable investment options as well.

Sparkling Azure waters, tropical breezes ruffling your hair, stunning vistas, and beautiful whitewashed Caribbean style villas all translate into a slice of Paradise. The beach properties are a fantastic option for a second home, or for vacation rentals. New property developments such as the Coral Beach Club, located on the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side of St. Martin, offers villas and condos right on the beach or on the lagoon side of Oyster Pond. The properties are overlooking the nearby St. Bart's Island and the Atlantic Ocean. This prime piece of St. Martin real estate costs between $7, 00,000 to $2,000,000.

The property investment in St. Martin also makes great business sense as the governments of the island are promoting tourism and foreign investments by offering many concessions to the foreigners. You do not have to be a citizen of the island to own real estate. Buying real estate in St. Martin’s has never been this easy, act now and enjoy long-lasting benefits of a sunny life here!


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